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Adopting Standard Software in a Unique Company

Adopting enterprise-wide software is a critical time for a company. Purchasing the most effective package on the market and fully leveraging the potential of the software are separate challenges. Smooth implementation goes beyond IT requirements. It requires thought out change management and empowerment of employees. The end goal requires universal by-in to harness the power of a great software.

A recent project with one of the world’s largest household product manufacturers outlines the value of well thought out and flexible delivery of training to smooth out the adoption and future use of enterprise-wide systems. The company was at the beginning stages of implementing SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package and it was set to be the corner stone of the company’s future internal planning.

The company already had a strong culture of operating and delivering training “their way” and wanted the adoption of this ERP system to feel like the rest of the company’s training. For this reason, they sought a custom solution as opposed to the software provider’s off-the-shelf training. The custom solution was not only comparable in cost to the off-the-shelf solution, but was also leveraged for use in other areas of the business beyond ERP adoption.

The challenge was to train a large number of people quickly in using the new ERP tool. Additionally, the organization required training be continuous as people retire and are on-boarded. In the summer of the implementation, over 50 training modules were developed and rolled out. Each module was structured for specific roles within the company to address how that individual was effected by the new system. The existing training methods employed by the company were familiar to the employees and these modules fit into their way of doing things.

After the self-paced learning, proficiency testing is prompted and upon completion the learner moved onto the next module. An industry leading Learner Management System (LMS) was used to administer, manage content, and track completion and proficiency. After the first year over 150 modules were built and this was key to the universal buy-in among all employees affected by the company’s new ERP system.

To support the employee into the future and make the learning process as efficient as possible, much of the content from the eLearning modules was simultaneously made available through on-the-job performance support tools.

This approach to ensuring the right information is available in the heads and in the hands when a person needs it has minimized the time to proficiency while increasing day-to-day efficiency.

Since this first engagement, Innovatia has become a trusted partner to deliver a wide range of learning solutions across a variety of topics including compliance management, marketing, leadership, and management of change and more.

Innovatia’s integrated solution meet the user where they are in the format they need. By blending training and on the job performance support tools your organization will reduce time to competency and increase execution consistency.

To learn more about cutting edge eLearning technology, best practices in instructional design, and how to smooth out adoption using effective eLearning, contact Innovatia.

Quick Facts


  • Quickly train a large number of employees on how to use a new enterprise-wide software suite
  • Off-the-shelf training was not an effective option due to company’s unique way of operating


  • Custom built eLearning that blended the company’s existing way of doing things with industry best practise and technology
  • Leveraged existing LMS and built over 150 tailored eLearning modules specific to each role effected by the software implementation
  • On-the-job performance support tools leveraged content from eLearning for day-to-day reference

Business Benefits:

  • Minimized time to proficiency for new finance and accounting staff
  • Increased day-to-day efficiency using on-the-job performance support tools
  • Formalized tacit information to mitigate risks associated with large number of employees nearing retirement age
  • Reduced cost of all future eLearning initiatives by leveraging learning module templates across the organization
  • Supported universal buy-in of newly adopted ERP system

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