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We offer technical services and content services to optimize workflow and efficiency. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service by working with clients to develop customized solutions. With Innovatia, our 20+ years of experience in information knowledge management is at your fingertips. 

Are you having trouble connecting your information, people, and systems?

Innovatia provides knowledge-based resources and services to help organizations achieve their short and long term goals. Improve process efficiency through information organization and development with content solutions. Access a global network of skilled and technical human resources. 


Content Services

Our Content Solutions teams are ready to take information, content, and context to the next level. We provide content strategy support, information architecture design, documentation services, and learning services with a user-centric approach to make sure the information needed is available when and where it is needed.  

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Technical Services 

Our Technical Solutions team can deliver 1:1 support on specific projects, implementation, migration, and on-going management with right-shore skilled staff ready to help you improve customer satisfaction and make the most out of your software solutions.  

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Trends and updates

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What is ROT content and why can it kill your business slowly?

Storage is cheap, search functions work well, and content creation has never been easier. Or are they?...

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Finding Productivity in Findability

Finding time is difficult, finding content shouldn’t be. Innovatia addresses findability improvements...
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Brainstorming with Artificial Intelligence Tools

Like many people, I have been curious about the practical application of AI tools to my job as a...

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