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Our workflow learning approach uses Learning, Application, and Performance (LAP) solutions to create opportunities for understanding, personal reflection, and real-world application. By taking your learners from knowing to doing, they spend less time training and more time performing


We leverage core learning activities to deliver critical information right the first time. Using a variety of media types including eLearning, video, animations, learning games, virtual, and classroom training materials, we deliver information in the most effective formats for your application.

Custom Learning Assets
Practice, practice, practice! Put theory into action through micro-learning scenarios, software simulations, and knowledge challenges to help your learners recall information faster. For complex performance goals, we incorporate interactive videos and fillable worksheets to help learners retain what they learn and fight that darn forgetting curve.  
Application & Practice
Reach goals faster. To support learners, our how-to videos, job aids, infographics, action plans, and knowledge base articles help learners build on what they already know and find exactly what they need to succeed while they work. 
On-th-job performance support

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Many clients come to us with a problem they need help solving. Our team of learning architects, instructional designers, graphic artists, and media developers will help you find the best solution to fit your need.




Navigating a digital transformation is a new frontier for many organizations. We are committed to providing the training and tools your teams require to meet the challenges ahead. Our agile development approach minimizes the burden on your resources, streamlines review processes, and delivers the solutions you need when you need them. 
“[Innovatia provided] experience-based suggestions and recommendations, rather than accepting without question what was asked by our representatives. They came up with customized solutions to improve the quality of the courses and user experience.” – Johnson & Johnson Vision
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