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The building blocks of accessibility.

Harnessing the power of information is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. A good strategy is only an idea unless it is implemented. Information Architecture is fundamental to the ability to collaborate, break organizational silos, and produce results through cost-effective contextual and intelligent content delivery.



Unify terminology for consistency with metadata and taxonomy. Standardized terminology and intuitive navigation make locating information effortless. Ensuring content is findable and usable is fundamental to a successful execution.  
Metadata and Taxonomy


Make automation easy. Standardization creates pre-defined structures for scalable delivery. Clearly defined elements and relationships improve content's flexibility, adaptiveness, and responsiveness
Content Modeling


Pilot content, layout, tools, and functionality before making large-scale investments in time and resources. Small-scale prototypes of templates and systems offer the opportunity to refine content and systems in a discreet manner. Go live with confidence. 


Reimagine content independent of form designed with a specific purpose. Our workshops are custom designed to give teams the skill set from basic structured content development up to advanced content reuse. Training is essential to equipping people with the tools they need to reach organizational goals. 
XML-DITA Workshop
"People never talk about about information architecture. But you'll know you need one when you're users can't find information and your employees are struggling to keep up with the content requests"
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