Your Brand Isn’t Just a Logo

I’m sure most of us can identify a company’s logo without too much difficulty. But that easily identifiable logo is not the sum total of a company’s brand. A good brand evokes a visceral, emotional response in its fans. A good brand is the company’s voice, its attitude, its website, its documentation, its community involvement, its products, and its logo.

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How Project Managers Create Better Learning

When considering a new learning project, set yourself up for success by making a Project Manager one of the first team members you bring on board. Using their expertise from the start of a project will help you to produce the right learning solution, resulting in better learning for your users. Here’s Why.

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Getting Started with Business Continuity

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) should prepare you and your team to respond to the event in order to efficiently regain operation of the systems that are made inoperable from the event. Let’s look at the planning that has to take place in part one of this series.

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Creative Technical Writing

We wouldn’t typically associate creativity with technical documentation. After all, technical documentation is meant to focus on facts and details, and be, well, very technical about everything. However, we would be doing our customers a great disservice if we separated creativity from our documentation.

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To Measure or Not to Measure

With the storm of analytical tools available these days, you can just about measure anything – the number of pages, seconds on page, previous page, calls to action. You name it and there is a tool to measure it. But are we measuring the right things?

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Augmented Reality: Making Documentation Come Alive

We’ve all heard of Virtual Reality. But what is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality unifies digital software and live surroundings to help you connect better with the world around you. How can you use Augmented Reality to give your documentation users a second-to-none experience?

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