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Augmented Reality: Making Documentation Come Alive

We’ve all heard of Virtual Reality. But what is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality unifies digital software and live surroundings to help you connect better with the world around you. How can you use Augmented Reality to give your documentation users a second-to-none experience?

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Creating a Writer-Friendly Style Guide

A style guide helps you produce consistent, predictable content that is easy to use and facilitates effective searching. So where to you get started in creating an efficient, time-saving style guide that your writers will want to use?

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Can Videos Replace Authoring?

The way we learn is changing, and so is our source for information. As the rate of technological adoption explodes globally, technical writers are left asking the question: can video replace the manual?

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Investigate to Innovate

Research. Its value is unquestioned, yet its place in our business lives is often pushed to the bottom of our to-do list. How do we defend taking time for research? The simple answer is that research and investigation are critical to innovation.

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The Demise of the Manual

Customers want more than the traditional manual. So what’s next? From the transition to digital, to the internet influence, how we use content is changing. Along with it it how we expect content to act.

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