Connecting With Your Audience: How Personas Can Help

Consider that you are writing a user guide for the latest smart phone that is launched in the market. You know that billions of people across the world could be prospective buyers; people from different walks of life, people of different age groups and people with different mobile usage skills.

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Working with Technical SMEs

Technical SMEs, pronounced ‘smees’ stands for Subject Matter Experts. Many of our projects require these valuable members on our team to help fill in the gaps while creating training or any type of documentation. Their experience and extensive knowledge on the subject can be invaluable, and then it could make things very difficult.

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Investigate to Innovate: Part 2

We learned in our last blog Investigate to Innovate how critical it is to investigate and research to find solutions for existing business challenges. The question arises, how to find time within your busy schedule to research? As the saying goes, It’s not about “having” time. It’s about “making” time.

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Collaboration: Navigating the Waters

Collaborating in the workplace is not a new concept. People have been collaborating long before the advent of email or IM or video-sharing tools. What has changed is an increased need for collaboration and how we collaborate — more than ever there is a need to actively engage with our co-workers.

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Finding the needle in the haystack: Bots to the rescue?

Ever gone to a website and have a pop-up asking you if you need help? That’s probably a virtual assistant or bot. There are tons of them around. There are bots that can look up flight schedules or book restaurants for you. How can the technical documentation leverage bots to help streamline development?

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5 Key Principles that Enhance Website Usability

As a 24/7 sales person, your Website has the potential to be your most powerful asset and the centerpiece of your marketing effort. Studies show that it takes less than one minute for a user to become frustrated with your site… and bail.

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