Intelligent content is content that is much more than the dense “wall of words” approach that older documentation and information creators used to write.  

Intelligent content has the following improvements over old, static content: 

  • It is structured so that it contains standardized, meaningful design. Consistently structured and organized content makes understanding easier because the user knows what each part is meant for. It improves searchability and scannability for both humans and machines. 
  • It contains detailed metadata so that users can easily identify the type of content it is. Metadata enhances searchability and it also provides information content creators can use when repurposing content for multiple audiences.
  • It can be used for several purposes, whether it’s multiple deliverables, multiple formats, or multiple audiences. 
  • The content and its metadata are separate from the delivery format. Publishing and presentation concerns are managed separately from the content creation process. Content creators focus only on creating intelligent content, and not on its presentation. 
  • It can be transformed into other structures. Because the structure is predictable and consistent, intelligent content is transformable into another structure. 

By employing intelligent content standards, an organization can reduce content creation costs through improved reusability, automated deployment to multiple channels, and faster development and publication of its content. 

The customer experience is improved with more searchable content, personalized messaging, and more structured and navigable content.


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