The customer journey describes the path traveled by a customer from the point of first awareness through a variety of interactions with the content to conversion and beyond.  

A customer journey map is a representation of the experiences customers have as they navigate a process or complete a task. A journey map shows actions, thoughts, concerns, and emotions, as well as how these change at each stage of the journey. Taking a customer-journey-centric approach to content strategy ensures you can interact with your target audience, providing them with the most relevant content, at the right time. This enhances the connection between your organization and your customer and increases customer loyalty.  

They are a common artifact for customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) teams, who use them to help guide the design of better products, processes, and digital experiences. Journey maps are a brilliant tool for content professionals. An advantage of using customer journey maps for content is you can simplify difficult concepts into a neat, organized, actionable item.  

The following are the pointers to be considered when organizing content:  

  • Understanding your customer journey: Understanding when the content is consumed by the customer, and factors to consider based upon characteristics of your business, target customers, and market landscape 
  • Planning with the customer journey in mind: Utilizing customer journey knowledge to develop monthly and quarterly content plans to overcome key business challenges and goals at various stages of content. 
  • Mapping content distribution to the customer journey: Aligning multi-channel content distribution initiatives with your content strategy to maximize impact and engage your audience across customer journey stages. 


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