Content strategy is the methodology of planning, developing, and managing your content to achieve your desired business goals. Content strategy encompasses the entire lifecycle of all your content, delivering targeted content to specific customers at a time when they need it the most. 

Content strategy enables you to create relevant, consistent, and manageable content by identifying what content exists, what new or updated content is required, and reasons for creating and presenting the content. 

When creating a content strategy for your organization there are several aspects to remember: 

  • Understand your organization’s goals and use your content to emphasize them. 
  • Plan your content to satisfy your target audience’s needs. 
  • Use tone and voice appropriate to your target audience, and use plain writing techniques to ensure a simple readable voice:
    • Be concise 
    • Be factual 
    • Be consistent 
    • Be searchable 
  • Consider the reusability of certain elements of content. You may be able to reduce overall effort with content elements that can be repurposed and reused. 
  • Reduce overall content, whenever possible, by eliminating unnecessary or obsolete content. 

With a content strategy in place, an organization can better understand its goals in delivering content and the audience's needs for content. It is an approach to planning, creating, managing, and delivering content with the goal of satisfying requirements while reducing effort through the elimination of extraneous material and reusing elements. You can improve quality and efficiency in content delivery while reducing costs and improving customer engagement. 


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