Knowledge-centered service, also known as knowledge-centered support, (KCS) is a cross-team effort where support teams provide customer, system, or user assistance simultaneously alongside documentation creation and maintenance. It is a service delivery method that uses knowledge as its key asset in an organization. 

KCS is meant to address workflow impediments. These impediments arise from repetitive interactions that continually involve the same knowledge requirements. KCS gives an organization the power to better handle these obstacles with documentation. When this documentation doesn’t exist, support teams must respond to incidents and issues with each customer separately. 

The key concepts of KCS are as follows: 

  • Content creation is part of the problem-solving process.
  • Content is modified based on user experience and user demand. 
  • An organization’s collective experience is developed into an extensive and evolving knowledge base. 
  • Value is placed on learning, collaboration, sharing, and modifying content.

By using KCS, an organization’s customer service and support are enhanced. As knowledge is enhanced and improved, greater value is delivered to customers, support teams, stakeholders, and organizational sales teams. Whenever an issue is resolved, the knowledge gained from the solution is captured and maintained so that it is easily accessible in the future. Content is updated, maintained, and accessed more quickly, further enhancing customer experience. 

KCS is valuable to all teams organization-wide, which makes all members of all teams stakeholders with a shared responsibility for solving customer issues.  


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