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AI Entities in the context of Chatbots

When users interact with chatbots, they may send messages in text or audio form. To formulate appropriate and tailored responses, chatbots are trained to evaluate the messages to identify specific details.

Chatbots identify “Intent” which is the reason behind the user’s message, together with “Entities”. Entities are data points or values which can be extracted from the conversation. Examples of entities include names, dates, locations, and any other specific information that the chatbot requires to formulate accurate and relevant responses.


User message: “Are rental cars available in Montreal on July 1st for a duration of 1 week?”

The Entities:

  • Location Entity: Montreal
  • Duration Entity: 1 week
  • Start Date Entity: July 1st

The Intent:

The User would like to rent a car.

By recognizing the entities, the chatbot then proceeds to understand the user’s intent (reserve car rental) and take appropriate actions such as confirming rental availability in the Montreal rental car fleet during the specified duration period starting on the provided date.


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