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Improving Customer Service Consistency

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Delivering a consistent experience to your customer is an essential requirement for any business. Customer experience has become the number one competitive advantage that most companies need in order to stay relevant in their field. Add to that the complexity of Big Data, used to deliver a customized customer experience, and your team has a challenge to deliver the goods. Word travels wide and fast if you can’t get it right.

Offering a consistent customer experience means that your people on the front lines need to have processes clearly defined for each scenario or customer. Exceptions and changing process is to be expected when you move to customized experiences. Our team discovered that we had to start with hiring good people (with the right stuff) and allow technology and innovation help with the rest. Over 10 years ago Innovatia created, tested, and continues to use a tool called ProcedureFlow, that has allowed our technical support teams to meet and exceed customer satisfaction targets and reduce operational costs.

Here is a screen shot of one of the many accounts used with ProcedureFlow. A team portal was created to include not only processes, but everything else team members need to do their work.

Note: some items have been covered to protect the identity of this client

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These are a few of the ways results were measured confirming the success of ProcedureFlow:

  • Quality – Our team at Innovatia observed a 5% increase in customer satisfaction and a 20% reduction in management escalations by getting the team to create and use real time process changes. Regardless of where our employees are, they can submit and view all changes to processes that impact them.
  • Training Cost – time for training a technical new hire was reduced from 13 weeks to 5 weeks by providing a single repository that guides new employees through repeatable and complicated processes.

A best practice is to use crowd-sourcing to get your team members involved. Put the tools in the hands of the subject matter experts, and let them create! It not only helps with employee engagement, you will be pleased with what they come up with.