Digital Content for the Connected Worker and the Modern Learner

The Accelerator platform is a purpose-built and industry leading “Connected Worker Platform (CWP)” and “Learner Experience Platform (LXP).”  The combined capability facilitates solutions to many critical problems experienced in workplaces across America and around the World. Deploying an LXP with a CWP has real, impactful implications in promoting, “learning in the flow of work.” Competency and training are critical to operations and performance, but equally important is the asset side of the operations equation. A connected worker platform is effectively a sensor on a person to track, monitor and engage with workers in real-time.

Connecting the human side of the operational equation is critical to having a full picture of the APM and the overall operation. The connected worker platform is critical to the Asset Performance Management (APM) framework, the automation system, the Industrial Internet of Things, Predictive Analytics and Industry 4.0 networks.  

Modern digital technology presents a serious opportunity to solve old problems in high-reliability and high-risk environments. Information is a leading factor in most workplace incidents as shown in countless incident investigations over the past 3 decades. Solving the problems associated with communication, information access and ease of use can dramatically transform an organization’s ability to operate predictably and handle abnormal situations in the best way possible. 

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Own Digital for Your Operation.

Digital content is not just a PDF on a handheld device. It is greater than the sum of it’s parts and creates opportunities for innovation from the front line to the bottom line. Logical chunking, tagging, interactivity and web enablement of digital content make a future proof foundation to continue to adopt new technology and connect more systems and processes to human activity.

From the users perspective, content is connected, for example connecting all procedures and work instructions to the relevant training material for that operation. The content is searchable and find-able at the point of need. It is managed by automated management of change and integrated to other plant and enterprise system. It is mobile ready and dynamically up to date.  Digital content is also machine and human readable opening up limtless possibilities for future automation and optimization. 

Check out all features that can improve your KPIs:

The integrated Accelerator CWP and LXP will:

  • Deliver digital everything in human and machine readable formats 
  • Satisfy the requirements of the modern learner
  • Engage users and allow learning to occur Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device
  • Reduce time to competency
  • Unify and connect siloed information
  • Enforce management of change in real-time
  • Support high-reliability work execution
  • Streamline communication with peers and experts
  • Automate and support content management to keep content evergreen
  • Logically chunk and deliver information as knowledge articles and easily executable instructions

The world is changing. Are you ready?

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