Content Architecture

Lost in your content? Don’t know where to get started?

Content architecture is all about connecting people to the content they need to work, learn and perform.

The world is changing. Are you ready?

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At Innovatia, we believe content must be managed and maintained like any other valued corporate asset. This ensures its accuracy, integrity and reliability. Consider us your content consultants.

Our goal? Provide you with the right information, in the right format, at the right time.

Think of content architecture as the blueprint for your information – a solution that helps you meet your business or client needs, by making your organization more efficient. With the proper tools and methodology, you can spend more time actually using your content, and less time looking for it.

Our content architecture services focus on content organization, structure, categorization, retrieval and usability.


Our content architecture services include:

  • Content strategy audits
  • Content services
    • Planning and implementation
    • Content models
    • Metadata and reuse strategies
    • Publishing
    • DITA XML consulting
    • Content re-use analysis and planning (Content Miner Services)


"The goal of any company leveraging an outsourced center is to have that provider become a seamless extension of their business model. I think it’s safe to say that Innovatia has both met and exceeded that goal."

- Senior Executive
Fortune 500 firm