Learning solutions that stick.

We design and develop comprehensive competency-based training programs based on industry best practices - and then we build the content required to make them come to life: content such as e-learning, mobile, gamified content and simulations.

Our strategic processes produce engaging content that is instructionally sound and technically accurate, resulting in decreased costs, increased safety and overall operational excellence.

We also develop customized digital content strategies or support existing efforts to increase capacity.

Take a deeper dive into Innovatia's custom learning services, below.


Competence elevated: custom-built learning solutions

At Innovatia, each of our clients receive the kind of focused, individualized attention that allows us to develop customized learning solutions designed to meet and exceed performance goals. This means we collaborate, ask relevant questions, analyze audiences, and really familiarize ourselves with individualized learning cultures.


Our learning offerings

We offer end-to-end services in the areas of training program development, instructional design, graphic treatments, asset development, audio recording, video development and more. Our team can also help with content deployment, and has experience with a large variety of learning management systems (LMS).

But it is our approach to deployment that truly is a key differentiator for us.


We use a three-pronged process that takes learners from knowing to doing, so they spend less time training and more time performing.

Our deployment process:

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Our learning team loves to tackle our clients’ most pressing business issues with customized training solutions that creatively deliver on the outcomes they’re working to achieve.
Stan Mabee
Director of Learning Solutions

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