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Our hosted Learning Management System (LMS) is a turnkey e-learning management solution.

From reporting to user support, a hosted learning management system gives you the tools you need to ensure the successful roll-out and uptake of your training resources across a distributed organization.

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Innovatia’s LMS is available to clients looking for a one-stop-shop learning management solution. It is customizable and white-labelled to enhance your user experience, and a great way to facilitate the uptake and management of your organization’s learning program.
Stan Mabee
Director of Learning Solutions
Exploring your e-learning fulfillment options?

An LMS allows training organizations to host their learning modules online, and manage the user journey through the material, understanding time to completion, providing reminders and feedback, and offering support. It also provides powerful reporting on a wide variety of metrics – so organizations know how their teams are progressing.


Already have an LMS?

We often work with clients who have their own LMS – and we integrate those processes into our Learning and Performance Roadmap, to be sure our solutions are truly end-to-end.

Let's discuss your e-learning fulfillment needs. 

Ensuring you are getting the uptake you need is key to elevating competency.


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