What is technical writing? 

It's pretty simple.

Technical writing is explanatory text or content designed to help a non-user understand how to do something new. 

It is the content used in documentation products.

At Innovatia, our experienced writing team works closely with subject matter experts and content architects to create technically & instructionally sound content.

That content is used in the development of guides, operations manuals, procedures, engineering specifications, according to client needs.

Our technical writing team uses the following techniques and tools to guide their work:

• Industry standard authoring tools

• Quality Assurance processes

• Version control

• Template development and population


Great technical writing is the foundation on which competency is built. 

The right words make all the difference.


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"Our skilled technical writers put efficiency first – making good use of what you already have, and creating only what's required, in the format required, to ensure we get the job done effectively."
Rob Keefe
Senior Director, Content Solutions



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