Single source authoring


At Innovatia, we are truly single-source authoring specialists.

Our clients benefit from our team-based DITA XML authoring capabilities, extensive content planning expertise, our custom-developed Content Miner tool, and a wide variety of projects references that inform our work.

We don't rest on our laurels, though – we regularly conduct our own DITA XML training programs to ensure our writers’ skills are regularly honed and quality tested.

What is single source content development?


Single source content development is a documentation and procedure building process that distills your authoring down to the smallest and most concise nuggets of useable information.

Those content nuggets are segmented into types, which allow content developers to author by topic, and not by document. Topics are then organized into a content structure, which links up with industry-standard software tools which automatically assembles and publishes content to a wide variety of platforms.

At Innovatia, we offer customers with existing content assets the opportunity to use Content Miner, a proprietary tool which conducts a content re-use analysis, advising whether your content is a good candidate for single source conversion.


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The top three benefits of single source authoring:


Consistency of terminology is a vitally important component of high-quality documentation products. The author once, use many times approach means consistency is baked-in.


Single source authoring strips away the narrative and focuses on the basics, ensuring each topic makes sense on its own merits. This minimalistic approach is action oriented and succinct, which improves comprehension right out of the gate.


Single source documentation means you can edit once, and have the update automatically populate into your published documents, no matter what the platform.

"Single source authoring for documentation products is an extremely disciplined but efficient methodology for content creation – one that saves money for clients while it boosts consistency and comprehension levels among users."
Rashmi Ramaswamy
Senior Content Architect


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