Case Studies

Tailor Made Learning Solutions

Adopting enterprise-wide software is a critical time for a company. Purchasing the most effective package on the market and fully leveraging the potential of the software are separate challenges. Smooth implementation goes beyond IT requirements. It requires thought out change management and empowerment of employees.

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Compliance Management Made Easy: Prove it!

Proving compliance to well defined and explicitly stated regulations sounds simple–follow the rules, right? Yet, like many things in life, it’s much easier said than done. In practice things get messy, the world moves quickly, and in the run of a day thinking about documentation to prove regulatory compliance can slip down the priority list.

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Employee On-Boarding for the 21st Century

Hiring new employees is a challenge in any setting. The story often goes like this–put out a job posting, receive resumes and applications, sort and short list candidates, interview, offer, hire. If you’ve chosen the right person or group of people you will likely know it within the first few months–this is the on-boarding process.

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Technical Documentation Made to be Used

Innovatia’s approach to solving documentation problems is characterized by strategic planning, proven methodology, collaborative stakeholder engagement, and a constant focus on the end user’s experience. The value of this tried and true approach to solving documentation challenges was on display during a recent project with an industry-leading sustainable energy company.

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Asset Management Thinking Applied Documents

The Oil & Gas industry leads all industries in the Asset Integrity Management (AIM) of physical infrastructure – tracking inventory, monitoring condition state, and planning maintenance are common practice and for good reason. By considering operational content like any other important asset, AIM fundamentals can be applied to the content used in training guides, standard operating procedures, and safety processes.

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