Providing world-class service
and support to your clients.

Improve efficiency | Increase productivity | Reduce operating costs

What is the backbone of excellent support services? We believe it’s access to a world-class support team, 24/7/365. That’s why our team comprises highly skilled, professional specialists and subject matter experts, equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to support you – whether you implement the most technical products, or simply require generic IT, technical or administrative support, tier 1, 2, and 3.

Reduce operating costs by up to 40%.

Decrease training time by up to 65%.

Improve customer satisfaction by up to 20%.


We’re trusted with our client’s
most important clients.

Blended On-Shore and Off-Shore Model

Maintain quality and 24-hour service, while keeping costs low.

Low Cost, Low Risk, Low Attrition

Dedicated, knowledgeable employees with a North American voice based in Eastern Canada.

Deep Knowledge & Experience

With a combined 16+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry, our experience shows with each interaction.

The world is changing. Are you ready?

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An experienced
technical support team.


We can help manage, track, and identify areas of improvement.

Consulting Services

Well over 15 years of experience put to work.

Feedback Loop

Constant improvements to improve CSAT.

Multi-channel Strategy & Services

We’re where your clients need us – anytime.

Training & Documentation

We get up to speed – fast. We’ve got the experience and the tools for a quick, efficient ramp.

Administrative Services

Stay focused on your vision – we’ll take care of the rest.

We improve  productivity and customer service by providing our representatives with better training, tools, job aids, defined, repeatable processes, all facilitated with world-class performance support software and tools. By leveraging a multi-shore workforce, we offer around-the-clock services – at competitive prices.

Our top-tier service is backed by low attrition rates. Plus, our innovative Performance Support Software enables consistent execution of optimal support processes and procedures leading to a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Proven Success:

Thought Leaders
With over 15 years of experience, we have consistently looked for ways to improve the traditional technical support processes and tools to ensure we are always delivering the best for our clients and their clients. We are always looking for ways to improve the processes and tools we use, which has led to a number of incredible additions to our support backend, including ProcedureFlow.
Leading-edge Customized Training
Classroom training has a time and a place, but can oftentimes be expensive, time-consuming, and not always reflect real-world situations. As a learning company at heart, we customize our training ramp for new and existing employees to ensure they get the right information in the right way. We are also proud of our partnership with ProcedureFlow, a process mapping tool that maps out even your most complicated processes in a step-by-step visual representation which allows employees both new and tendered to engage with clients, and offer the most complete, most up-to-date information as possible.
Leading-edge Customized Documentation
Books, binders, and memos are cumbersome to update, and make the process of finding the right information difficult. That’s why we leverage our proprietary tools to ensure your product documentation is always up-to-date. When a new issue is tracked, it’s verified against your support documentation and processes to ensure that it’s not a common issue, or isn’t one already addressed in the documentation. Documentation can then be updated, if required, to ensure your clients have the information in-hand, therefore saving calls to support for other issues.
15+ Years Technical Support Experience
We are proud of our heritage, and our partnerships with leaders in the global industry. We are a global company that never stops growing. Our past has allowed us to find new ways of thinking outside the box, which has resulted in new processes and tools to help us deliver more to our clients.
Highly Skilled Blended Workforce
We offer a blended workforce that works around-the-clock to deliver exceptional service for your clients. With offices throughout North America and India, we offer both an on- and off-shore technical team, many with masters-level certifications and degrees to help them identify and troubleshoot even the most technical of issues.
Quality Service
Innovatia is committed to providing the highest quality of services. We have developed a number of in-house programs that cover everything from training to recognition to keep us at the top. Our customized solutions can be tailored to meet any technology or business requirements. We will go above and beyond to meet your unique business needs, and exceed your expectations.
Competitive Pricing
With our blended on-shore and off-shore support model, we help you keep costs low, while delivering exceptional service to your clients. We also utilize our performance support tools and in-house training expertise to get new employees up-to-speed, and tenured employees up-to-date with the latest information quickly and efficiently.
Low Attrition
We take pride in maintaining our low attrition rate. Innovatia motivates employees and creates a positive work environment to ensure that our team is knowledgeable and productive. Our low attrition rate is one of the many factors that contributes to helping our customers be successful.