Engaging end-to-end
learning solutions.

Custom learning to engage learners, and give them the right information when and where they need it most.

For training programs to work, they need to keep the learner constantly engaged, while also providing the content they need to move forward, in formats that work for them. That’s why we develop creative and engaging end-to-end training solutions, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Our custom learning services include:

Design Services


Innovatia’s team of instructional designers can help you with your most challenging learning needs.  Whether you require a full curriculum program or advice on a specific learning need, our instructional designers are there to help.  We conduct needs analyses and design and develop creative and effective training programs for your learners. Our graphic designers and developers then bring those designs to life. Our instructional designers, developers and graphic designers are some of the best in the industry, so your content will always be engaging and beautifully packaged – no matter what the topic.

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training-elearningeLearning is an integral tool for transforming your company’s information into your workforce’s knowledge. Innovatia’s Learning Team designs and develops engaging eLearning courses that are on point with your learning and business objectives.  We use storytelling, simulations, gamification, interactivity, animation and more in our course designs giving your team engaging learning that improves retention and changes behaviour.

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Instructor Led Training

training-iltThere are some topics that just need to be explained. Instructor-led training ensures there’s a professional trainer available to your team for clear and concise explanations, collaborative practice, and to answer learners’ questions and concerns as they arise. Innovatia offers a variety of instructor-led training design and development services including instructor guides, presentations, student guides and “train the trainer” sessions. Don’t have instructors on your team? That’s fine too; Innovatia has a team of experienced trainers and instructors on hand for when you need them.

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Blended Learning

training-blendedWhen you combine eLearning with instructor-led training, social learning, video, mentoring and support documents and sites, you really get the best of all worlds. Innovatia develops curriculum plans covering all your bases so your team can meet their training goals more efficiently than ever before. With a well-crafted blended learning program specifically customized to your requirements, your team will gain access to a continuous learning environment with the ability to engage in both one-time learning events and performance support on an ongoing basis. This will give your team the tools they need to complete their tasks effectively every time.

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Mobile Deployment

training-mobileWith Innovatia’s eLearning courses, you can take courses with you, and even pick up where you left off. Whether learners are on laptops, tablets or mobile devices, your training can be delivered anywhere anytime when your learners need it.

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Video Integration

training-videoInnovatia has a skilled team of multimedia developers and motion graphics artists ready to integrate video demos, How-To videos, and simulations into your training. Showing a process can be so much more powerful than just explaining it – and sometimes you need to do both. Adding video can be simple, and cost effective with our help.

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Support Sites

training-designKnowledge management isn’t just about training. You’ve got lots of support documents, processes, procedures, whitepapers, images, and videos to go along with it. Innovatia knows this all too well and builds powerful support sites that act as performance support – online and accessible from anywhere your team happens to be whenever they need it.

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Hosted Learner Management System (LMS)

training-lmsOur hosted LMS allows us to host your learning programs, track learner progress and provide full administrative control over your programs in one centralized solution.

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