SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA – Innovatia Inc. has unveiled the latest version of its procedure lifecycle management application, Procedure Accelerator, designed to make procedures in complex industrial environments easier to update and create, easier to manage, and easier to use.

Dubbed “Procedure Accelerator Release 3”, this updated platform aims to provide additional functionality in three core areas:

  1. Operational efficiency
    Sub-procedures have always been available within the larger procedure. Now users can add sub-procedures to an asset profile with specific operating conditions. If those conditions are met during the execution of a procedure, the related sub-procedure is dynamically generated for that specific environment and automatically generated for any similar situation.Workflow enhancements in this version allow users to quickly modify the flow to continually improve cycle time.
  2. Operator competency
    During training, an observer can initial and comment on the procedure relating to a trainee’s performance, then capture the information as part of the procedure history.A procedure is now also available in a training output, either integrated to an LMS with all pertinent quiz questions, or can be taken as on-demand refresher training for operators who wish to orient themselves to an infrequently performed procedure.
  3. Authoring efficiency
    Already the fastest way to author procedures, Release 3 enhances authoring support with a one click quick-add statement, rich text formatting, and automated language analysis to quickly reinforce style guide rules. Procedures and training materials are even easier to write and maintain.

“We are extremely proud of the new additions to the Procedure Accelerator platform,” said Blair Morgan – President of the Procedure Accelerator division at Innovatia. “We are constantly listening to feedback from our clients, and gauging how the application is used so we can better tailor new features and updates to target what our clients need. Release 3 showcases the constant evolution of our platform.”

Procedure Accelerator Release 3 will be available to all existing Procedure Accelerator clients in the coming weeks, with rollouts of the new platform already underway.

For more information on Procedure Accelerator, visit their website at

About Procedure Accelerator
Procedure Accelerator is a completely new way to think about authoring, maintaining, and deploying procedures. At its core is an innovative content re-use engine that allows messages and procedural steps common to multiple asset types to be easily reused and maintained from a single source.

Procedure Accelerator is designed to support the entire procedure lifecycle from creation, review, action, to audit, addressing operator efficiency, competency, and regulatory, corporate, and environmental compliance challenges for process industries. For more information, visit the Procedure Accelerator website at

About Innovatia:
Founded in 1999 and with offices across North America and globally, Innovatia’s 650 professionals deliver top quality solutions to their clients. Innovatia delivers knowledge management services in three areas including Learning Solutions, Documentation, and Technical Support. These solutions span the entire solution set from custom design and development through to delivery and support bringing the latest innovations in Knowledge Management to their clients. Innovatia’s commitment to client satisfaction and quality, their multi-level, extensive skill base and their broad and deep industry experience is why their clients continue to turn to them to take them to the next level of performance. For more information, please contact Peter Russell, Sales Support Specialist, Innovatia at or call (506) 674-5342.