Innovative Learning Solutions

Whether you need new learning materials, better results from your existing training, or a fresh perspective on your learning landscape, Innovatia is here to help!

Our Philosophy – Fortune 500 Solutions with a Personalized Approach

  • We are a boutique firm, offering specialized services and focused, individualized attention to your learning and performance goals. For us, it’s all about relationship. That means asking good questions, listening to your business needs, and becoming intimately acquainted with your learning culture.
  • We provide a one-stop shop for all your learning needs.
  • We provide thought leadership in learning combined with a flexible and collaborative approach.
  • We focus on learning for performance with outputs that can be used in multiple ways – for initial training, performance support, and refresher training.

Check out our Learning and Performance Support samples. Our unique approach takes your learners from knowing to doing, so they spend less time training and more time performing.

eLearning and Microlearning

As an introduction to Innovatia’s internal Diversity Training Program, we created an interactive, panoramic image to expose employees to some of the invisible barriers people encounter.

For this industrial client, we improved the learning experience by converting flat process and procedure training documents into interactive eLearning.

To upskill managers and employees on a new performance management process and system, we created an interactive microlearning module.

Game-based Learning

As part of an Investment Training Program, we created an interactive Jeopardy learning game to test banking and financial advisors on important tax facts.

As part of the same Investment Training Program, we created an interactive Game of Life to help banking and financial advisors apply their knowledge about retirement principles.

To help this insurance company introduce game-based learning to their organization, we created a mini-game to teach advisors how to build communication habits.


For this healthcare client, we created a whiteboard video to explain the concepts of interpersonal communication and then tested knowledge on the video content with a series of scenario-based questions.

To explain the features and benefits of Innovatia’s Procedure Accelerator procedure management product, we created an animated motion graphic video.

As part of Innovatia’s internal compliance training, we created an animated how-to video showing employees how to make changes to an existing policy or procedure.

Performance Support

To upskill employees on a new phone system, we created a series of how-to videos.

To upskill new Procedure Accelerator users, we created a series of interactive software simulations.

For this industrial client, we created an interactive infographic, accessible on any device, so operators had the information they needed at their fingertips.

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