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Focusing on User Experience (UX)

It’s time for another product launch at one of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers and it seems these happen almost daily. A product launch is an exciting time but it also comes with a host of challenges. Documentation is no exception–each new product must include a user manual, installation guide, technical support standards, and more. In some cases, these can be dozens, hundreds, or thousands of pages long. For a company releasing new products quickly, and iterating on existing products continuously this translates to monstrous administrative costs and, worse, failed customer support satisfaction.

The express goal of the project was to modernize the back-end information management of the organization to improve customer service satisfaction and minimize the cost of documentation creation and management. Where customer satisfaction is job number one, information needs to be easily understood and quickly accessed to support the goals of the specific user.

To achieve this, personas were established and each user’s end goals were treated as the guiding principle for that class of documents. For confidentiality reasons this project profile is anonymous but the problem is shared by many. When imagining how to tackle tremendous documentation projects focusing on the end user is imperative. Sometimes easy production and maintenance of documentation and the easy use of the documents are at odds and this is often where problems begin. Outdated management
systems and sheer volume of content make producing easy-to-use documentation an increasing challenge and if the focus is shifted
away from the end user documents can become more trouble than help.

The philosophy of focusing on the end users experience first is the strategic true north for this project. By doing this the goals are to increase customer service satisfaction by resolving issues faster and more effectively through easy-to navigate and clear documentation. Implementing industry leading tools, methodologies and best practices allows the end goal of a user-friendly
document to be consistently achieved at a sustainable cost.

In practice, Innovatia provided an information road map to plan and implement a content strategy that would provide a significant
reduction of technical content. This included a user analysis to establish the end user’s needs, review of the content to identify opportunities to reduce and reuse content, and a content structure recommendation to ensure the effective and flexible use into the future.

This relationship has now lasted 7 years and Innovatia has become a trusted knowledge management partner to one of the world’s
largest technology developers and equipment manufactures.

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Like a great team, content should be greater than the sum of its parts. By leveraging industry leading methodologies and tools, and blending process and creativity, you can unleash the true power of your organizations collective knowledge.


Quick Facts


  • Over 8000 pages for a single product release
  • High cost of content management due to volume and structure of documentation
  • End user document impractical for use
  • After sales customer satisfaction negatively impacted by confusing documentation
  • Inefficiency of legacy tools adding to high cost to produce new documents
  • Most importantly, causing company to miss their standard for after-sale-support.


  • Information Strategy established after an audit and consultation with end users
  • User personas established
  • Minimalistic content design guide
  • XML structured content for increased content reuse, increased consistency and decreased review time
  • Authoring standards established

Business Benefits:

  • Measurable customer service satisfaction improvements – reduced time to resolution
  • All content in structured XML format for flexible future deployment – eLearning etc
  • Volume of content reduced by 52%
  • Translation and localization costs minimized
  • Information storage costs reduced
  • Content creation and management cost decreased by 35% in first 2 years

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