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Proving compliance to well defined and explicitly stated regulations sounds simple–follow the rules, right? Yet, like many things in life, it’s much easier said than done. In practice things get messy, the world moves quickly, and in the run of a day thinking about documentation to prove regulatory compliance can slip down the priority list.

On a day when no one is hurt and everything goes as planned it may seem like a small step skipped. However, on the day the regulator comes knocking and says, “prove it”, the attention to detail and due diligence of having the proper tools and following processes will be the difference between a lot of long hours and the satisfaction of knowing the processes have been followed and the right information is easily retrieved.

The sheer volume of information required to be above board in high compliance environments can be overwhelming. The large number of stakeholders compound the complexity, and legacy tools and content simply don’t cut it anymore.

Here we summarize a recent project with one of Innovatia’s mid-stream oil and gas clients. It relies on the experience of information architects, the expertise of the client’s engineers, consultation with the client’s operators, and a cutting edge procedure life-cycle management tool.

The existing system was a legacy system involving manual procedure creation and management of computer- or paper-based documents. Procedures were often inconsistent, sometimes incorrect, and usually hard to find and use efficiently. In one problematic instance operators were expected to respond to an alarm within ten minutes using a mammoth paper binder as a guide. Not only an unreasonable expectation, but unsafe and inefficient as the fallback position in the case of no resolution within ten minutes was to shut down operations.

The guiding principles of the project were to focus on the user and facilitate continuous improvement whenever possible. The end goals of the project were to make compliance easier to achieve and to exceed the minimum of regulatory compliance.

To meet these goals, Innovatia began content conversion guided by the information architecture, delivered custom built writer training modules, and implemented Procedure Accelerator™ as the backbone of their new procedure life-cycle management strategy. The writers authored according to the established writing standards and published procedures at a rate previously thought impossible. Procedures are now deployed on any device with built in feedback loops for continuous improvement. Metadata attached to all actions within a procedure allow for the real-time execution tracking of procedures and after-the-fact analysis to support compliance management and continuous improvement.

The forward thinking of this client’s team will significantly impact operations, safety and the bottom line. The early introduction of change management, collaboration with their team, and utilization of world-class methodologies and technology made this possible. To ensure the solution exceeded the highest standards, both the client and the regulator hired third-party auditors to evaluate the system, and both were beyond satisfied.

This project is a great example of an Integrated Knowledge Solution developed to meet a client’s real-world problems with a solution tailor made to perform under the toughest circumstances. When asked, a key person in the project thanked Innovatia for, “starting the change management process early”.

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Quick Facts


  • Failing compliance management system and board driven initiative to improve
  • Pressure from regulator
  • Safety incidents publicized in the news
  • Too much content in procedures
  • Inefficient review, and approval process
  • Poorly written, difficult to access, and out of date procedures
  • Procedures not trusted by operators
  • Safety and operational risks


  • Procedure life-cycle management software
  • Writer training delivered in flexible and reusable Web-based eLearning
  • Built-in continuous improvement feedback loop and automated review work flows
  • Automated and real-time operations monitoring, tracking, and reporting

Business Benefits:

  • Reduced cost of content creation and management (38% reduction in volume)
  • Safety and reliability improvements
  • Continuous improvement facilitated by built-in operator feedback loop
  • 23% reduction in time to review and approve content additions and revisions
  • Reduced involvement of high cost resources
  • Seamless transition to Procedure Accelerator, with little operator resistance to the implementation.
  • Compliance management supported by automated procedure tracking, detailed revision history, and automated review cycles

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