A full feature procedure lifecycle management solution to simplify authoring, streamline review, facilitate continuous improvement and optimize standard work.

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Features & Benefits

Procedure Accelerator is a complete product covering the creation of the statements to be used in your procedures, profiling of the characteristics of your various assets, and outlining what sections you want in the different procedures. Once the up-front work is complete, the system can automatically generate draft procedures for your people to evaluate and update as needed.

With its powerful content reuse system, Procedure Accelerator allows messages and procedural steps common to multiple asset types to be easily reused and maintained from a single source.

Core Features:

Mobile Ready

Future proof your operations and be ready for mobile rollouts.

Automated Authoring

Auto-generate procedures using our patented technology, and reduce writing effort by 60%.

Field Use Tracking

Track all aspects of procedure creation and job execution – compliance is achieved.

Intelligent Workflows

System is mapped to your workflows for creation, review, and compliance needs.

Content Database

One source for all your asset statements. Update in one place to update across every procedure that uses that same statement.

Faster Speed to Competency

Automated training creation that provides annual verification, performance checklists, assessments, and add-in training content.

Other Features
  • Dynamic Procedures
  • Advanced Publishing Formats
  • Intelligent Workflow
  • Mobile and Tablet Support
  • Procedure Checklist
  • Role-Based Procedures
  • Import Engine
  • Single Sign-On
  • Single Source Statement Automation
  • New Procedure Notification
  • Real-Time Operator Feedback
  • Export to Training & SharePoint
  • Skill-Fit (Self Assessment)
  • Maximo Asset Import
  • Report Dashboard
  • Co-Completion
  • Equipment Profiling
  • Revision Tracking
  • Collaborative Review
  • Automated Workflows



“The best way to characterize Procedure Accelerator is it brings lifecycle management to our procedures. We are now able to quantify our process improvements, cycle time for reviews, monitor the process status when building procedures, and monitor the execution of a procedure, where before it wasn't intuitive. The tool just makes the work easier.”

- Pipeline Executive

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