A full feature procedure lifecycle management solution to simplify authoring, streamline review, facilitate continuous improvement and optimize standard work.

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Business Solutions

Procedure Accelerator addresses many of the concerns in highly complex industrial environments. From regulatory issues, to safety, cost and asset management and training, Procedure Accelerator can help accelerate your business objectives.

Speed to Competency

pa_competency Procedure Accelerator will help accelerate competency, improve accuracy, and reduce human error, resulting in more efficient ramp for new employees, more consistent processes, and comprehensive reporting.

How Procedure Accelerator will help:

  • User competence tracking and reporting
  • Support manager and trainer performance checking
  • Visibility to verification of pertinent procedures on a user level
  • Easy procedure output to training programs
Figure: Procedure Training Module

Procedure Accelerator Training

Improved Reliability

pa_opexDrive performance and improve your operations with Procedure Accelerator, improve your asset life, and bring focus to an Operator Driven Reliability operation.

How Procedure Accelerator will help:

  • Improved reporting and linkage to other systems to automate KPIs
  • Data to assess equipment lifecycle management
  • Integration with control systems (DCS, SCADA)
  • Integration with engineering and operational specifications
Incident Management

pa_managementProcedure Accelerator can help make your sites safer, more compliant, and more effective.

How Procedure Accelerator will help:

  • Feedback mechanism for continuous improvement of procedures
  • Improved quality and consistency of procedures
  • Save money on changes (one source for updates)
  • Procedure Import Engine
  • Follows Best Practices
  • Review Workflows
Figure: Procedure Checklist, showcasing feedback mechanism and step progression


Safety & Compliance

pa_safetyImprove the reliability and operating conditions of your site, and adhere to industry standards and regulations. Procedure Accelerator links regulatory policies and standards, training, and incident management into a unified platform. This ensures you have access to up-to-date records and reports, and can actively manage user and group compliance metrics.

How Procedure Accelerator will help:

  • Robust search can help identify procedures affected by regulatory changes
  • Unified dashboard for metrics
  • Variables
  • Branch Decisions
Figure: System Dashboard

Procedure Accelerator Dashboard

Operational Excellence & Efficency

pa_efficencyImprove the accuracy of your procedures, and the uptime of your valuable assets with Procedure Accelerator. One unified source for procedures means no more searching for the latest version, faster changes to procedures, and better reporting.

How Procedure Accelerator will help:

  • Real-time feedback
  • Operator workflow
  • Robust search capabilities



“The best way to characterize Procedure Accelerator is it brings lifecycle management to our procedures. We are now able to quantify our process improvements, cycle time for reviews, monitor the process status when building procedures, and monitor the execution of a procedure, where before it wasn't intuitive. The tool just makes the work easier.”

- Pipeline Executive

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