A collaborative procedure management solution for reliable and efficient operations.

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What is Procedure Accelerator?

Procedure Accelerator is an innovative software service that simplifies the creation, maintenance, and execution of standard operating procedures in high risk industrial environments including Oil & Gas, refining, mining, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing industries.

Procedure Accelerator provides you with leading measures of risk management to improve the reliability of your operation.

Procedure Accelerator will:

  • Improve asset life and performance
  • Provide feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement of procedures
  • Reduce site-safe incidents
  • Accelerate competency
  • Reduce human error
  • Improve accuracy
  • Save you money

Are you one incident away from disaster?

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“The best way to characterize Procedure Accelerator is it brings lifecycle management to our procedures. We are now able to quantify our process improvements, cycle time for reviews, monitor the process status when building procedures, and monitor the execution of a procedure, where before it wasn't intuitive. The tool just makes the work easier.”

- Pipeline Executive

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