Synopsis: We all know how fun and interesting budget and process training is (er…not). So Innovatia’s training team set out to see just what we could do to change that. The solution? What else but an office full of ZOMBIE co-workers!? Of course!

It finally happened. The zombie apocalypse. Zombies are eating brains everywhere and you’re next! The research division of your company, Reanimate Inc., thinks it has discovered an experimental cure, but times are tough and there’s not a lot of money to go around. You need to get the budget approved to mass-produce the serum! Hurry, before the zombies invade the Reanimate offices and destroy humanity’s last hope.

Just to be safe, arm yourself with zombie darts injected with the antidote – you may run into zombies!

In this truly gamified learning experience, we arrive at the ReAnimate office to find most of our colleagues infected with a Zombie virus. The only way to fix it, is by following the budget process. Along the way, Learners earn points and badges for successfully healing coworkers, making their way to the next floor. On each floor, they meet up with a colleague who provides a new piece of knowledge for their journey – who know’s when they might need it!

Fully gamified learning creates an atmosphere of fun and competition among coworkers and colleagues. So much so, that they forget that they’re something for the real world. Innovatia can design and build custom learning games that give your staff a fun and entertaining way to absorb content, resulting in better understanding of learning topics and higher retention of information. Who knows, you might even hear people comparing scores or progress in the lunchroom!


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