SAINT JOHN NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA – Innovatia is proud to announce the release of ARC Advisory Group’s white paper Consistent, Well-Documented Asset Operating Procedures Help Drive OpX, featuring Procedure Accelerator, Innovatia’s first patent-pending software product designed to assist quality-centric, process intensive industries such as the Oil & Gas and Chemical Processing industries in improving efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance.

“Having Procedure Accelerator featured in a white paper produced by an industry-recognized group such as ARC represents a significant milestone for us,” said Blair Morgan, President of Procedure Accelerator. “Procedure Accelerator is a transformational software product that helps complex industrial operations become more efficient in asset maintenance, which in turn helps to increase safety, reduce environmental impacts, and profoundly impact reliability. For Procedure Accelerator to be recognized by ARC as a product that helps drive operational excellence is a great achievement for us.”

ARC Senior Analyst Peter Reynolds states, “Procedure Accelerator can provide owner-operators with an efficient tool to capture and transfer knowledge about correct operational procedures. This can help plants ensure safe and efficient operation, meet regulatory requirements, and achieve operational excellence.”

The full paper can be viewed online through the Procedure Accelerator website. For more information about the ARC Advisory Group, visit the ARC website.