SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA – Chief Information Strategist Sonya O’Reilly was in India this past Friday along with Innovatia India representatives to present to an international audience at the Society for Technical Communication (STC) conference in Hyderabad.

Sonya O’Reilly presented Providing Cost-Effective, Integrated Documentation which focused on answering some of the most sought-after questions facing the industry today: Are customers asking for mobile-ready versions of documents? How do you integrate learning and documentation? Are you looking for more functionality from DITA-based content?

Members of the Innovatia India team were also on-hand to present on hot topic items for the industry. Disruptive Technology Trends and Technical Writing was presented by Innovatia India representatives Anjali Anantharamu and Dhannya Nair discussing how trends like social media are changing the way content is created, accessed, and updated, and How to Eat an Elephant was presented by Ruchi Vohra and Preethi Satish, discussing how a seemingly overwhelming problem, like a common content strategy for multiple products and overlapping release cycles, can be handled bite by bite.

Sonya was also invited to participate in the panel discussion Why user goal oriented and task-oriented writing is important vs. writing the product features.

“We are excited to be showcasing the knowledge we’ve developed within our company, and our team,” says Sonya O’Reilly. “It presents a great opportunity to demonstrate our expertise, and discuss emerging trends in documentation to an international, widely recognized audience.”

Co-CEO Roxanne Fairweather stated, “We have a team that continues to grow within New Brunswick, Canada, the United States, Ireland, and India, and we are proud to be able to provide world-class services and software to our clients, regardless of where they live. This industry-recognized conference allows us to present our leading edge solutions ideas in front of a global audience, and demonstrate our innovation and passion for technical communications to individuals, clients, and partners in a collaborative, open environment.”

The STC international conference is entering its 18th year, bringing together technical writing experts, vendors, and individuals from around the globe to showcase new trends, best practices, and engage in open discussions on the industry. This year’s theme, Sailing in Harmony, focused on collaborating and adapting to technological changes seamlessly.