HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA – Innovatia’s CEO team of Roxanne Fairweather and Dave Grebenc once again have the honour of being named within the Top 50 CEO’s in Atlantic Canada, and event created by Atlantic Business Magazine to recognize top talent within the region.

“We are extremely honoured to once again be recognized by Atlantic Business Magazine and their partners as one of the Top 50 CEO’s within Atlantic Canada,” said Roxanne Fairweather. “We are proud to share our story of purchasing a company slated for collapse, and building a team of incredible talent right here in Atlantic Canada to become one of the most successful companies within the region, helping a host of high profile clients around the world.”

This is the fifth year that Innovatia’s dynamic duo have taken home an award from this event, therefore earning them induction into Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame.

“Our success is a result of the incredible work and dedication that our talented employees, our capable leadership team, and my partner Roxanne brings to work every day. We wouldn’t be here without them,” said Dave Grebenc.

More information on the Top 50 CEO awards is available on the Atlantic Business Magazine website.