Collaboration: Navigating the Waters

Collaborating in the workplace is not a new concept. People have been collaborating long before the advent of email or IM or video-sharing tools. What has changed is an increased need for collaboration and how we collaborate — more than ever there is a need to actively engage with our co-workers.

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Finding the needle in the haystack: Bots to the rescue?

Ever gone to a website and have a pop-up asking you if you need help? That’s probably a virtual assistant or bot. There are tons of them around. There are bots that can look up flight schedules or book restaurants for you. How can the technical documentation leverage bots to help streamline development?

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5 Key Principles that Enhance Website Usability

As a 24/7 sales person, your Website has the potential to be your most powerful asset and the centerpiece of your marketing effort. Studies show that it takes less than one minute for a user to become frustrated with your site… and bail.

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Writing for Call Center Agents

Users of manuals can take the time they need to find the right procedure. They can give the procedure their full attention and work through it at their own pace. Call-center agents, on the other hand, must juggle several tasks simultaneously. So, how do you write for call center agents?

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Business Continuity – You Have An Event!

A Business Continuity Plan can mean the difference between sinking or swimming when an event happens. So what steps should you have done, and what steps are needed to ensure a smooth transition from business-as-usual to event, and back again?

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Your Brand Isn’t Just a Logo

I’m sure most of us can identify a company’s logo without too much difficulty. But that easily identifiable logo is not the sum total of a company’s brand. A good brand evokes a visceral, emotional response in its fans. A good brand is the company’s voice, its attitude, its website, its documentation, its community involvement, its products, and its logo.

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