What Makes an Effective Portal?

Technical documentation belongs on the web. Unless your product is top secret or your customers can’t access the Internet, you need to make an effort to get your content online. Doing so will greatly increase your customer’s ability to use the product while decreasing the amount of costly support calls made to your support engineers. But simply outputting your dry, stuffy manuals and guides into framed HTML or PDF isn’t enough anymore.

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Developing a Voice for Technical Documentation

More and more, companies are using technical writers to create content for a product using the product voice. “Voice” is a marketing tool that ensures all aspects of the product are easily identifiable – and technical documentation is a big part of creating a product’s voice.

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Capitalize on Your Customer Data

One of the most common mistakes companies make, is assuming that collecting customer data is good enough to improve customer satisfaction. Aberdeen’s recent report, Customer Engagement Analytics: Take the Right Step, Every time, indicates that 95% of businesses struggle with using customer data. That’s surprising, as most businesses collect user data in some format or the other.

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Connecting With Your Audience: How Personas Can Help

Consider that you are writing a user guide for the latest smart phone that is launched in the market. You know that billions of people across the world could be prospective buyers; people from different walks of life, people of different age groups and people with different mobile usage skills.

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Working with Technical SMEs

Technical SMEs, pronounced ‘smees’ stands for Subject Matter Experts. Many of our projects require these valuable members on our team to help fill in the gaps while creating training or any type of documentation. Their experience and extensive knowledge on the subject can be invaluable, and then it could make things very difficult.

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Investigate to Innovate: Part 2

We learned in our last blog Investigate to Innovate how critical it is to investigate and research to find solutions for existing business challenges. The question arises, how to find time within your busy schedule to research? As the saying goes, It’s not about “having” time. It’s about “making” time.

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